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GWEFODE is involved in Gender based violence prevention and response by raising awareness for better respect of women human rights, the rule of law and promotion of good governance, Conflict resolution and peace building, domestic violence prevention and support by mobilizing communities to act against all forms of Violence against Women and Children through monitoring, documentation and reporting on the human rights situation of women.

CAPTION: Women Victims of SGBV Receive in Group Counseling

GWEFODE Conducted Vocational Tailoring trainings for survivors of Gender Based Violence; Provided psychosocial support to women and girls survivors of violence and Educative Literacy Courses; promoted women and children rights through a series of community meetings, school visits, civic education trainings, media campaign led by women and men on their role in prevention of Violence Against Women and promotion of human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts; advocacy for an end to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) through awareness raising on SGBV, sexual and reproductive health rights and GBV health risks.


  • 40 survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence including women with disabilities and HIV/AIDS were identified and registered for the tailoring training. Each beneficiary received a sewing machine for training which they have used to acquire tailoring skills. They sew blouses, shirts and trousers, dresses and skirts for children and adults to earn incomes.
  • GWEFODE formed Domestic Violence Support Groups involving refugees who report on human rights violations and challenge local abuses against refugee women and girls.
  • Forty (40) Refugee women and girls are able to read, write and recognize the alphabet, numbers and their names.
  • 120 survivors of Violence have received medical care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Syphilis, Gornohea and Pregnancy.
  • 83 women and girls had received psychosocial support and had a chance to talk about their distressing experiences and overcome their isolation through participating in individual discussions and in group counseling sessions and now live happy lives after receiving counseling.
  • GWEFODE has provided free and comprehensive medical and psychological support to over 2,214 survivors of Gender Based Violence.
  • GWEFODE has improved its support by introducing the domestic violence support groups. These service group sessions provide an opportunity for survivors to share their experiences, gain knowledge and capacity to overcome their ordeal and are empowered to address GBV

Our Programs

Participatory Governance & Gender Equity Advocacy

GWEFODE’s work is to Promote Participatory Governance using Rights Based Approach to programming and gender equity in development as well as participation in decision making.

Gender Based Violence Prevention & Response

GWEFODE mobilizes resources to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence access free medical treatment and psychosocial support.

Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

GWEFODE seeks to improve the capacity of community based mediators and local leaders to resolve conflicts and enhance effective and efficient justice delivery in the informal justice system.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

GWEFODE undertakes research on best agricultural practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and sharing these with farmers in Uganda.

Sustainable Energy Efficient Technologies

Over 95% of households in Kabale district use biomass fuels (firewood and charcoal) to cook on traditional stoves. This reliance on firewood presents mothers with impossible choices.

Vocational Education & Training

GWEFODE supports entrepreneurial development through equipping marginalized women and youth with skills such as tailoring, candle making and making charcoal briquettes aimed at income generation.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

GWEFODE improves the management of water sources through refresher trainings and sensitization of community members especially women and children on better use.

HIV/AIDS & Malaria Prevention

GWEFODE disseminates Information, Education and Communication IEC/ Behavior Change Communication (BCC) campaigns and materials focused on orphans and vulnerable children.

Maternal and Child Health

GWEFODE creates awareness on maternal and child health and advocates for improved health services to reduce on maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

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Featured Documents

A joint Statement on The Right of Indigenous Batwa People to Land and Natural Resources in Uganda Submitted by GWEFODE and France Libertes to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)


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