Our Core Values
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The following Values guide our work at GWEFODE;


At Gender Equality and Women Empowerment for Development (GWEFODE), we work systematically and set performance standards to achieve our vision. We are therefore, a learning Organization that will listen to Ugandans, be flexible, be responsive to the external and internal environment, and ensure that interventions effectively reach Ugandans in a timely and valuable way; resource allocation system that considers the vulnerable and promotes equality.

Women Centered:

Although GWEFODE prescribes to the Principles of gender mainstreaming, we shall do so in a manner that expands rights and freedoms for women and girls. In its gendered work, GWEFODE shall put rights and interests of women and girls first in recognition of their marginalization.


At GWEFODE, we shall always conform with what we say and to ethical behavior and generally accepted standards of effectiveness. GWEFODE will responsibly utilize available resources, according to what it plans and claims to deliver and openly share the information with relevant key stakeholders.


GWEFODE will invest time and resources in seeking to promote gender equality, respect of human rights and the empowerment of Women.


At GWEFODE, we actively listen to each other’s contribution. We listen to each other argue and agree or disagree on merit. We treat each other the way we would like to be treated. In all our endeavors, we shall always value human life and dignity of all people without discrimination. Love and concern for others: This will be a guiding principle for implementation of GWEFODE Programs.


Resources entrusted with GWEFODE for serving the target population will be managed prudently to benefit all the people and avoid waste and duplication.


GWEFODE will strive to work with all people in its focus areas without any form of discrimination based on creed, ethnicity and political affiliation.

Teamwork and collective good:

GWEFODE shall capitalize on collective strength, to address challenges, acknowledge each other’s contribution and share successes. In so doing, GWEFODE shall reward both team and individual effort and shall promote solidarity of all staff.


At GWEFODE, we shall always try as much as possible to be empathetic with the communities we serve as part of genuine support and solidarity.

Transparency and Accountability:

GWEFODE shall strive to maintain transparency and accountability in its operations including the provision of timely, quality, and accurate information. We shall ensure evidence-based results and decision-making with respect to the use of resources and management of people.

Our Programs

Participatory Governance & Gender Equity Advocacy

GWEFODE’s work is to Promote Participatory Governance using Rights Based Approach to programming and gender equity in development as well as participation in decision making.

Gender Based Violence Prevention & Response

GWEFODE mobilizes resources to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence access free medical treatment and psychosocial support.

Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

GWEFODE seeks to improve the capacity of community based mediators and local leaders to resolve conflicts and enhance effective and efficient justice delivery in the informal justice system.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

GWEFODE undertakes research on best agricultural practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly and sharing these with farmers in Uganda.

Sustainable Energy Efficient Technologies

Over 95% of households in Kabale district use biomass fuels (firewood and charcoal) to cook on traditional stoves. This reliance on firewood presents mothers with impossible choices.

Vocational Education & Training

GWEFODE supports entrepreneurial development through equipping marginalized women and youth with skills such as tailoring, candle making and making charcoal briquettes aimed at income generation.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

GWEFODE improves the management of water sources through refresher trainings and sensitization of community members especially women and children on better use.

HIV/AIDS & Malaria Prevention

GWEFODE disseminates Information, Education and Communication IEC/ Behavior Change Communication (BCC) campaigns and materials focused on orphans and vulnerable children.

Maternal and Child Health

GWEFODE creates awareness on maternal and child health and advocates for improved health services to reduce on maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

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Featured Documents

A joint Statement on The Right of Indigenous Batwa People to Land and Natural Resources in Uganda Submitted by GWEFODE and France Libertes to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)


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